The VDE E-Race

E-Race 2020

Save the date: The VDE E-Race 2020 will take place from 11.06. - 14.06. 2020 on the harbour area in Schwedt an der Oder.

This year we want to implement what we set out to do last year and continue to establish ourselves as the most comprehensive pre-event in Germany.

E-Race 2019

The VDE E-Race 2019 should take place from 13.06. - 16.06. 2019 on the harbour area in Schwedt an der Oder.

It was planned to make a big innovation step and to finally take the step to a complete event. With AutoX and Engineering Design according to official mode.

Unfortunately our plans were stopped by the weather. After a tornado, which left us with a completely devastated terrain and injured helpers, we unfortunately had to cancel the event for this year.

E-Race 2018

From 14.06.-17.06.2018 the event took place for the first time in Schwedt at the Oder. The change of terrain enabled us to gain more space and freedom of design, which had a direct effect on the quality of the event.

Description: Panoramic Picture 2018 - f.l.t.r.: HTW Berlin Motorsport (BRC18), Baltic Racing (Ty12), Baltic Racing (Ty17), Eleven-O-Six Racing Team (RUSH18, Raceyard (T-Kiel-A 06), Raceyard (T-Kiel-A 18), Raceyard Alumni (T-Kiel-A 14), e-gnition Hamburg (egn18), e-gnition Hamburg (egn17-dv)

E-Race 2017

The birth of the new VDE E-Race took place on 09.06.-11.06.2017 on the grounds of the former military airport "Hungriger Wolf" in Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein. Despite some initial difficulties, the feedback from the teams confirmed that we are on the right track and should continue to pursue and improve the mode.

Desciption: Panoramic Picture 2017 - Back row f.l.t.r.: e-gnition Hamburg (egn17-dv), Lions Racing Team (LR17), HAWKS Racing (H13), HAWKS Racing Alumni (H12), Raceyard (T-Kiel-A 17), HTW Berlin Motorsport (BRC17)
Front row f.l.t.r.: Raceyard (T-Kiel-A 16), Baltic Racing (Ty12), Baltic Racing (Ty17), BME Formula Racing Team (FREC-007), Eleven-O-Six Racing Team (RUSH12)