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BRS Motorsport is the Formula Student team of UAS Sankt Augustin with latterly about 70 students of all faculties, who share their love for designing, developing and manufacturing a single-seated racecar every year. Especially as the team did not have that many members in the past and as the Formula Student Project hadn’t been that famous around the university, the team is very proud of their achievements so far.

The team was founded in 2007 and has built 4 combustion-racecars so far. The 2012 combustion-car 'Hannah' was the most triumphant car until now and has been equipped with aerodynamics in 2013. Besides the FSG in 2009, 2010 and 2012 the team has competed at several unofficial events like the Baltic Open over the years to share the “Formula Student Spirit” with all members, whether new or alumni, and meet other teams with which we have become friends, as often as possible.

The team is organized in different subteams that are part of three main groups: technical, electrical and organizational. Each subteam has its own subteamleader and whole team is led by three supervisors.

Due to the growing interest in e-Mobility and electric cars the team decided to change from Formula Student Combustion to Formula Student Electric in 2013. Therefore, the team built their first electric-racecar in 2014 with which they attended at FSG14 and FS Italy 2014. With P1 in Skidpad and P3 Overall, the team entered the world ranking list on P16 after the first Formula Student Electric Season.

More information can be found on our homepage. We have a flickr and a youtube-page as well.

Participation at E-Races

CompetitionName of carResult (Place)
E-Race 2019E 45