FacilityTechnical University Berlin
EngineElectric & Combustion
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FaSTTUBe: quite literally an abbreviation for “Formula Student Team of the Technical University Berlin”, but our name stands for much more. FaSTTUBe is synonymous with teamwork, ambition, fuel and electricity pumping through our veins. Every year about 80 students invest their time, sweat, and brainpower into the construction of two race cars that later participate in competitions organized by Formula Student all over Europe. We have fielded both electric and combustion vehicles since 2018 and are already taking the first steps toward driverless system development.

Participation at E-Races

CompetitionName of carResult (Place)
E-Race 2019FT19e
E-Race 2019FT19c
E-Race 2019 (Alumni)FT18c