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The story of HAWKS Racing begins as a small group of professors from the UAS Hamburg visit the University of Hertfordshire. There they get introduced to an international competition coming from the United States, the Formula Student. Fascinated by the event, the project "FH Hamburg Racing" is launched at the department for automotive engineering of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. "FH Hamburg Racing" is the fourth one launched in Germany and even the first one in Hamburg. Today there are about 69 German Formula Student teams. In the spring of 2003, the team will be rearranged in order to successfully establish it in the Formula Student long term. The reorganization is manifested in the new name "HAWKS Racing". After the founding of the non-profit, student association "HAWKS Racing e.V." in 2010, the team was able to continuously develop and improve. With an 8th place in Austria, a 3rd place in Spain and the 10th place in Michigan succeeded in the season 2015/16 made it possible to climb the 10th world ranking list!

Participation at E-Races

CompetitionName of carResult (Place)
E-Race 2017H135
E-Race 2017 (Alumni)H092
E-Race 2019H15
E-Race 2019H15