At the VDE E-Race we offer the following static disciplines under realistic conditions:

  • Business Plan Presentation - The aim of the Business Plan Presentation is to evaluate the ability of the participating teams to develop and present a concept appropriate to the framework. This business model should represent your product - a prototype racing car - and present a profitable business idea. The judges should be treated as if they were potential investors or chairmen of a supplier company. The business plan presented should refer exactly to the race car presented in the entire competition. The presentation will only take 8 minutes as we do not have a Deep Dive Topic.
  • Engineering Design Event - The Engineering Design Report Event will be held in official mode from the E-Race 2019. The aim is to present the design process and to justify and defend the decisions made.
  • Cost and Manufacturing Event - The aim of the Cost and Manufacturing Event is to deal with the production and the associated costs of prototype construction.

Judging will be done by former team members and Formula Student experienced judges from well-known companies in the industry.


The following dynamic disciplines are also offered under realistic conditions:

  • Acceleration - The competing cars will demonstrate their acceleration in this discipline over a distance of 75 metres. The fastest prototypes only need less than 4 seconds to overcome this distance.
  • Skid Pad - The homemade racing cars drive on a course that looks like a lying eight. Two consecutive laps are driven in each direction. In the second lap the time is measured. With a fast lap time the cars show how much lateral acceleration they can achieve (up to 1.4g).
  • AutoX - The supreme discipline for all drivers. Here you have to show what's in the car on a lap with full power. At the same time, the time achieved is decisive for the starting order in the endurance, and the rule here is normally: the later, the better the track.
  • Endurance - At the official Formula Student events this is the discipline that can generate the most points. That's how we hold it at the VDE E-Race. It is also called "endurance race" over a distance of 22 kilometres. As the name already promises, the cars have to prove their endurance under long-term conditions. Acceleration, speed, handling, fuel consumption and reliability are the most important characteristics here. But also the driver has to fully develop his handling skills, because each team has only one attempt and each fallen cone leads to point deduction. Furthermore there is a driver change after 11km, after the car has to start again. This is usually a very critical point.