E-Race 2018

What is the VDE E-Race?

The VDE E-Race is an annual Formula Student Pre-Event, that takes place in northern Germany.

In 2017 the VDE E-Race took place from 09.-11. June, at the airfield Hungriger Wolf in Schleswig Holstein.

About Formula Student

The Formula Student is the biggest design competition for students in the world. Founded in 1981 by the SAE in the USA the concept spread all over the world. Every year, over 20.000 students in 500 teams from 6 different continents are participating in the competition and travel thousands of miles around the globe.

The task for the teams is to develop, build and test a formula style car within one year. This competition givey students the opportunity to gain practical experience and get in touch with people from all over the world, who share their passion.